Kolejny start w odstępie tygodnia Polskiej zawodniczki Marii Malyjasiak za Oceanem został pod znakiem wielkiego sportowego niedosytu. Polka nie zakładając kimona „pobrała” dwa złota. *

  • * W całym turnieju startowały tylko dwie zawodniczki w Adlut Pań Czarnych Pasów.
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BOSTON SUMMER OPEN 2019 🥇🥇 . . . You might be wondering why am I posing for a medal picture without my gi on(It is a nice picture, isn’t?)? I will tell you why. The only reason I had to put my gi on yesterday was to pass the weight ins. I have got both of those medals without any fights. But I am not ashamed of it, and so shouldn’t be you if it happens. There is nothing wrong in getting default medals, or getting medals even tho you only had one fight that you lost. You were there, you signed up, you put your name on the line. Nobody else signed up, did you have anything to do with it? No. I am not telling you that you should be proudly wearing those gold medals on your neck for a week. I am just simply saying that it is a part of the journey. Maybe they won’t have the same value to you, but they are still your medals to keep. I did not expect to end up with zero fights at this event. There was one more female black belt signed up, but I guess she wasn’t up to doing open class. Was I upset or disappointed? No, for me it was simply a trip chasing the IBJJF ranking points. You can’t beat the system. #abjja #brazilianjiujitsu #bjj #jiujitsu #jiujitsulifestyle #femaleblackbelt #blackbelt #ibjjf #bostonopen #girlsingis #medal #oss #mulheresnotatame #medalchaser #believeandachieve #cantstopwontstop #ycth #iamhyperfly #hyperfly

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